Alterra Group is recognized as one of the pioneering firms in the discipline of thought leadership marketing. Over nearly two decades, our principals have helped consulting and other professional services firms develop and disseminate compelling thought leadership marketing content vital to generating awareness and demand, including:

  • Hundreds of white papers on a wide range of industry, business, and management topics
  • Hundreds of bylined articles for trade, business, and management publications, including Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review, Financial Times and Wall Street Journal
  • Hundreds of case studies covering projects in virtually every industry.
  • Dozens of research studies and related reports on key business, management, and industry issues
  • Half-dozen business books on strategy, logistics, and sales and marketing for several of the world’s largest consulting companies

We also have helped many consulting firms edit and develop a variety of marketing materials (including brochures, presentations, and blog and website copy) as well as client-facing materials (such as proposals, sales presentations, project deliverables, and “state-of-the relationship” reports).

Alterra Group’s clients rely on our three main services and team of seasoned researchers and business writers to help position them as experts on the issues that are important to their clients.



We mine the expertise of a firm’s professionals, as well as conduct primary and secondary research, to develop a solid foundation for a firm’s points of view.


We help a firm write books, white papers, articles, research reports and other documents to communicate its professional insights in a clear, concise and compelling way.


We develop and implement campaigns that include the right mix of marketing vehicles through which a firm brings its ideas and offerings to business executives.